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Science Campus

This proposal revolves around the idea of a balance between built environment and nature with a vision of a continuous mountain landscape. Seen from street view the buildings merge with the terrain and make for a natural looking landscape through a terraced silhouette. All buildings follow the slope of the terrain while encircling the urban square.

But the project also aims to illustrate how interesting and fun science can be. This is achieved through attractive decorative elements that catch the visitor’s eye and make one curious to engage and discover more.

On each corner of the star-shaped square a decorative pillar is installed. The pillars actually represent glass tubes that are 10 meters high, imitating huge lava lamps with different colours. Every tube gives the start of a sidewalk leading to a particular building. The sidewalks are surrounded by a curved water plan coloured in the same colour as the lava lamp it is starting from – a guiding light allowing visitors to get better orientation in the site. Especially at dark, when the lamps get lit. The finishing touch is a DNA shaped garden forming between the sidewalks and the water plans.

The shape of the volumes and the variation of levels between them allows the buildings to fit naturally on the site by following its sloped terrain.

Almost every rooftop of the buildings becomes a terrace with vegetation, accessible to the public from various levels. It’s a game of in and out for visitors.

The structural columns are from cross laminated timber and exceed the buildings’ floor plates not only for decorative purposes but also for the creation of pergolas which will allow shading wherever necessary.

Bicycle and scooter movement across the site is encouraged with multiple bike lanes, ramps and sheltered places for parking.

Additional seating is also provided in every green space around the plot.