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Bahamas Beach Club

The club is situated at the beach front on the north of Rose Island. Its main access point is through a pathway from the marina.

The pathway leads to an arch which is followed by a reception area. The club then splits in three zones that are interconnected. All three zones have direct access to the beachfront and allow endless vistas towards the ocean. They are terraced accordingly.

The first zone represents a restaurant with a two levelled dining area.

At the centre of the development an umbrellaed zone is designed. It features an infinity pool and a variety of seating and laying options. A DJ booth is placed in the middle of the zone on the central axis of the pool. The whole area is designed to provide a more laid-back feeling for visitors who can enjoy laying down with cocktails or hanging out and dancing.

An exclusive lounge area is situated on the western part of the complex. It offers a more stylish experience of the club. The area has its own bar and toilets. The space is terraced towards the beachline.


The layout of the club aims to facilitate the flow of people across the site and to create an overall feeling of lightness. Visitors can easily enjoy a variety of spots across the site that provide different kind of seating – from swings and pouffs to extra large sofas and armchairs.