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About us

About A by B

At the heart of our work, we always seek inspiration which is our first and foremost drive for successful project completion. Most of our highlight projects were marked by immense enthusiasm that sparkled the creativity at getting the job done.


Our services

With us you will find the right partner to take you through all the stages from idea generation to the final realization of your project. Moreover, during the whole path of the process, all your whims will be satisfied and you will be pampered as a client.


/ Project assessment

  • discuss project objectives and needs
  • analyse building codes and ensure compliance with local rules and regulations
  • assist with planning and zoning approval


/ Design

  • develop, organize and review building plans from concept to final design stage
  • ensure feasibility of designs
  • lead and manage teams of all disciplines through all stages


/ Realization

  • assist with tender documents, processes and evaluation
  • monitor the executions ensuring they are at the required level of quality
  • resolve design issues that come up during construction

Our projects

Discover our portfolio that will grab your mind, leave you dreaming and take you beyond your architectural fantasies. It encompasses a great variety of projects each of them sealed with the touch of the Belova brand.

Our partners